Management & Technology Consulting

As your CPA, SKP already knows the ins and outs of your financial situation. Let us help you grow your business, increase your profitability, and impress your shareholders. For the past three decades, we been helping our clients improve in just about all areas of operation and profitability. A small investment with us can lead to enormous returns for your company.

If you are contemplating a new venture, product or service, expanding your current organization, buying a new business, implementing a reorg, upgrading your technology, or simply looking to turn around a declining business, we can help.

SKP can:

  • Develop a business plan for a new company
  • Select the right business entity
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for an existing company
  • Perform accounting software implementation and training (including all levels of Quickbooks)
  • Develop and launch an overall technology plan
  • Institute CFO services and provide support
  • Establish cash management services
  • Develop a business succession plan
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