Business Advisory Services & Solutions

Stay focused on what you do best.

When running a small business, your job is to stay focused on client satisfaction, successful operations, and generating revenue. Taking your eye off the ball to deal with the accounting side of your company can be time consuming, confusing, and distracting. We are able to provide these business advisory services to you because it is our business. We can do it quickly and accurately allowing you to stay focused on what you do best, running your business.

We are pleased to offer the following business advisory services and solutions:

Generating Financial Statements

  • Provide you with a snapshot of your business’ financial situation
  • Summarize your assets, liabilities, and capital at a specific point in time
  • Identify the financial strength and weakness of your business
  • Measure your business’ financial performance over a period of time
  • Identify revenue channels
  • Track expenses
  • Assess your actual financial situation versus your budgeted financial situation
  • Analyze trends and areas for improvement and/or change
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Reviewing Your General Ledger

  • Analyze the entire record of financial transactions of your company periodically
  • Verify that transactions are appropriate and compliant with all applicable policies and regulations
  • Identify and remediate any discrepancies

Reconciling Bank Accounts

  • Ensure your accounting and your bank statements are in synch
  • Identify any errors, lost checks, undeposited checks or unauthorized activity
  • Prevent embezzlement

Administering Payroll

  • Provide advice on setting up and administering your own payroll
  • Handle all payroll activities for you
  • Offer hints and tips on how to avoid payroll penalties and keep your payroll running smoothly
  • Make sure you are taking the right deductions out of your employees’ salaries

Good bookkeeping is not only essential, it is legally necessary. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let us show you how we can help with this important but tedious aspect of your business.

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