Business Acquisition & Selling

Buying or selling a business

Don’t go it alone.

Buying or selling a business is a complex and emotional process. There are often sums of money at stake, complicated relationships involved, emotional ties, legal issues and tax implications. These deals can take long amounts of time and energy, demand much back and forth, and require the use of significant resources. These transactions are not ones you should go alone.

SKP has the experience, the knowledge, and the emotional detachment that are necessary to ensure that these sales become win-win agreements. If you are thinking of buying or selling a business, call us today and let us be your guide.

Business Acquisition

When buying a business, SKP can help you:

  • Perform due diligence
  • Negotiate the terms and price of the deal
  • Determine business valuations
  • Understand tax consequences
  • Develop tax strategy, structure and projections
  • Restructure the business
  • Set up accounting procedures, internal controls, cash flow planning & financial modelling
  • Institute retirement planning services
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Buying or selling a business

Business Selling

When selling a business, SKP can help you:

  • Develop a performance improvement plan prior to the sale
  • Negotiate the terms and price of the deal
  • Develop a business transition strategy
  • Determine your business valuation
  • Determine the tax and cash flow implications of selling your business
  • Plan your retirement
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