Business Tax Planning & Preparation

When it comes to taxes, knowledge is power.

Tax laws today are as complicated and confusing as ever and as soon as you think you understand them, they change. It is all too easy to make a mistake, overlook a deduction, or miss a deadline. Our staff at SKP has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business tax planning and preparation and we make it a priority to keep current on all tax laws and exemptions.

With our business tax planning service we can help you determine how you can take full advantage of the credits, deductions, and provisions that are available. We look at all the options available from a tax perspective and can help you decide how to conduct your business so that your taxes are as low as possible. Tax planning is an ongoing process, and we are available to meet with you as needed to develop your strategy, review your strategy or adjust your strategy.

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Our business tax planning services can identify ways to:

  • Reduce your amount of taxable income
  • Lower your tax rate
  • Claim tax credits and deductions such as entertainment, automobile and home office expenses
  • Manage the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)

With a good plan in place, preparing your tax returns becomes a straightforward endeavor. We have the software, knowledge and time to help you prepare and submit timely, accurate tax returns for your business.

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